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Workplace wellbeing begins with well beings

Leora is here to revolutionise the workplace wellbeing landscape. Through one connected wellbeing platform you can provide your employees the tools to take care of themselves and nurture their mental health and wellness.

Leora caters to diverse enterprise needs, offering prompt access to therapist texting, scheduling video therapy sessions within days, one-on-one in-person coaching, online self-guided cognitive behaviour therapy activities, and mindfulness resources. We adapt to the current needs of every organisation, meeting employees exactly where they are today.
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Immediate access to Qualified Therapists

Leora takes a comprehensive approach to supporting each unique mental health journey, from stress, to feelings of anxiety and depression. Embed a culture of care for your team’s wellbeing by empowering your employees with the tools to reinforce and proactively build mental resilience. Employees can chat immediately with a qualified therapist or book in a session for later in the week.

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Secure, digital first approach

Accessing support shouldn’t be met with hurdles. With a 24/7 support chatbot, live chat text therapy, secure Telehealth sessions, self-guided tools and an in-person counselling booking system, Leora places employees in control of their mental health. With Leora, support is available anywhere, at any time — just as it should be.

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Flexible investment that scales with your team

No matter what stage of business, the number of employees or your people and culture goals — Leora has tailor-made solutions to align with your business needs. From personalised therapy plans, to deep diving into comprehensive data and analytics, Leora has the right size plan that works within the company budget as well as alignment with people goals.

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Text therapy with a therapist

Providing employees with the value of 24/7 access to texting with a therapist, Leora ensures immediate support, offering a convenient avenue for real-time assistance and fostering mental well-being around the clock.

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Investing in your Employee Value Proposition

In Australia, almost half of the workforce (46%) state that their work is suffering as a result of poor mental health, according to the ADP Research Institute’s ‘People at Work 2022: A Global Workforce View’ report.

More than half of the millennial workforce (56%) believe that their work is suffering due to poor mental health. A staggering 70% of Australian workers state that they experience stress at least once a week and 27% feel stressed more than four times a week.

By embedding Leora into your business, you are showcasing a meaningful commitment to fostering a culture of wellbeing and support for your people. Retain valuable employees and attract top-talent by proactively making mental health care a priority for your workforce. When your employees thrive, your whole organisation thrives.


Organisational impact

Businesses strategically incorporating Leora into their operations witness elevated engagement levels, resulting in substantial productivity gains and meaningful impact towards their people goals.

25% of employees will take off time off work each year due to workplace stress


35% of employees are unaware of wellbeing supports within their workplace


Attrition rate resulting from unfavourable mental health conditions in work environments


91% of employees recognise the importance of mental health; yet only 52% believe their workplace understands


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If you have any enquiries about Leora, our app or program, there’s a good chance you’ll discover the answers right here. For more info, please reach out!

Yes, Leora’s platform includes resources tailored to address various life events, providing targeted support during challenging times.

Leora actively promotes mental health awareness, education, and inclusivity, working to reduce stigma through training, resources, and open conversations.

Absolutely. Leora’s services are designed to cater to remote or dispersed workforces, providing consistent and accessible mental health support.

Leora offers a variety of resources, including self-guided activities, articles, and tools, ensuring a holistic approach to mental health support.

Leora’s implementation process is efficient, and the timeline depends on organisational size and customisation needs, with dedicated support for a smooth transition.

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