Our values


Elevating the customer experience

Leora’s heartbeat is encapsulated in four words: “Elevating the Customer Experience”. Success intertwines with the joy of our customers experiences and interactions with Leora. Every innovation and decision stems from an unwavering commitment to illuminate a path towards healing.

In our customer-centric culture, interactions transcend transactions. We listen, we learn, we adapt, and we communicate openly to set new benchmarks of customer experience and excellence in service. Leora aims not just meet standards but to craft enduring relationships, making customer bliss the focal point of our Mission.


Masterful simplicity over feature fatigue

Guided by Marcus Aurelius’ wisdom, we pose a constant question: “Is this necessary?” Leora excels in simplicity, avoiding feature fatigue. We aspire to be masters of two features with an intent to delight our customers. We actively resist feature creep, striving to be known for our focused excellence. Our primary feature is the seamless online booking system, providing users access to a diverse array of therapists through our ever-accessible marketplace.

The second feature facilitates frictionless communication, enabling therapists to share post session notes and resources securely with our users. Leora’s identity is anchored in mastering simplicity, excelling in precisely what is essential.

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Think high, spend low

Fuelling our passion is boundless thinking and grand visions at Leora. Our dreams know no bounds, and we revel in the potential impact of our work to support millions of people globally. Unrestricted by limitations, we engage in discussions that lead to solutions, practical approaches, and growth.

While we sour with ambitious goals towards our North Star, we are grounded in spending judiciously. Each of us embodies a Founder’s mindset, valuing resourcefulness. Mindful of funding, we consider the judicious allocation of resources a collective responsibility. Dreaming big at Leora is complemented by the wisdom of spending wisely.


Unleashing of our potential

Embracing untapped potential is our daily mantra. A relentless introspection drives us to ask, “Where am I standing in my own way?” This isn’t a pursuit of workaholism but a rejection of an ordinary life. Daily, we confront our limiting beliefs, shattering self-imposed boundaries. Our relentless journey isn’t merely about overcoming challenges but about co-creating a product that is future-proof.

In acknowledging that we all have untapped potential, we pledge to push outside our comfort zones, ensuring that an average contribution is not an option at Leora.


Insights blossom in silence

Within Leora, the profound emerges from tranquillity. We encourage space for introspection, fostering an atmosphere where deep thinking is valued. Our reverence for silence extends beyond mere quietude; it’s a deliberate reduction of a noisy workplace, creating an environment that is conducive to insights.

Recognising the importance of long periods of uninterrupted work, we embrace the philosophies necessary for us to achieve states of flow and tap into the reservoirs of creativity within us.

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