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Workplace wellbeing begins with well beings


Thriving minds are good for business

When meaningful improvements to workplace wellbeing are put into place, research tells us that employees are twice as likely to be engaged in their work, remain loyal and go out of their way to achieve the shared goals of the organisation.

Recognising the pivotal role employee wellbeing plays in driving productivity, engagement and organisational success, Leora stands as your partner in empowering you to prioritise mental health and cultivate a thriving workplace.

Your workplace wellbeing coach

Through one connected wellbeing platform your employees can access the tools they need to take care of themselves and nurture their mental health and overall wellness

Live chat with a therapist

There are times when we all need a compassionate listening ear, right there and then. Leora’s in-app live chat provides employees with immediate support from a real, experienced therapist — wherever they are, whatever the time, Leora is there.


Digital first mental health support

We believe the habits that foster wellness should weave seamlessly into your way of life. Leora’s state-of-the-art AI driven platform digitally empowers employees with wellbeing and psychological support. From booking support appointments, to in-app telehealth, live-chat and self-guided tools and resources — wellbeing with Leora is accessible, personalised, self-directed and discreet.

Comm with Manager

On-site counselling

There are some conversations that are just better when had face-to-face. Leora provides on-site counselling, bringing expert therapists into your place of work for accessible, convenient and private, in-person mental health support. For some individuals, sitting down with a therapist one-on-one can be a great option for kicking-off a wellbeing plan or, using as a check-in point between telehealth and live-chat sessions — we let your employees undertake their sessions their way.


Manager support and check-in

For executives, directors and team leaders, we understand the heavy responsibility that comes with supporting people. Leora provides your managers with the support they need when helping members of their own team through challenging times and difficult circumstances. We understand the crucial role these individuals play in fostering a happy, healthy culture within your workplace and we’re here to help them cultivate empathetic, effective and resilient leadership skills.


Critical incident support

During times of crisis, distressing events or unforeseen organisational challenges, Leora’s Critical Incident Response service delivers swift, caring support to you and your employees. From strategic advice and support for your leaders, to counselling, check-ins and on-demand support for your employees — Leora stands with you throughout these times to help you recover, grow and thrive in the face of adversity.


Mediation and conflict management

Conflict and interpersonal challenges are an inevitable part of any team and organisation — it’s only human. For you and your team, being able to communicate and work through these issues correctly is paramount to long-term workplace success. Leora provides mediation and conflict management support to leaders and individuals, promoting constructive resolution and lasting solutions for workplace disputes.


Resilience and neuroscience learning

At Leora we believe that knowledge is power. We want to help your employees to embark on a journey of self-discovery, connecting neuroscience with life skills to cultivate resilience as a cornerstone of overall well-being. Our learning programs delve into the science behind wellbeing, providing practical tools and understanding for cementing emotional resilience in the workplace.


A multifaceted approach to wellbeing

Leora is so much more than just a platform, it’s empowered wellbeing. Through a fusion of artificial intelligence, human-based therapy and evidence-based psychology, Leora provides accessible, personalised, self-directed and discreet mental health and self care to each and everyone of your employees.

Through self-guided tools, immediate connection to therapists, onsite counselling and digital-first mental health support, Leora takes care of your workforce’s wellbeing, allowing them to unlock their full potential.


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Yes, Leora’s platform includes resources tailored to address various life events, providing targeted support during challenging times.

Leora actively promotes mental health awareness, education, and inclusivity, working to reduce stigma through training, resources, and open conversations.

Absolutely. Leora’s services are designed to cater to remote or dispersed workforces, providing consistent and accessible mental health support.

Leora offers a variety of resources, including self-guided activities, articles, and tools, ensuring a holistic approach to mental health support.

Leora’s implementation process is efficient, and the timeline depends on organisational size and customisation needs, with dedicated support for a smooth transition.

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