Digital first mental health support


A new era of mental health support

In a world where digital technology is seamlessly woven into our daily lives, we believe it’s only fitting that mental health support should follow suit. Leora introduces a digital-first approach to mental health support, offering a refreshing and accessible way for your employees to take charge of their mental well-being.


Instant counselling services (EAP)

Our user-friendly platform allows your employees to access a wide range of mental health resources, connect with skilled therapists, and engage in self-guided activities—all from the convenience of their smartphone. There’s no need to wait for appointments or navigate through complex systems. Support is right at their fingertips, whenever they need it.


Efficiency meets compassion

Our digital-first platform not only brings efficiency to mental health support but also upholds the values of empathy and compassion. Leora’s therapists are here to guide your employees through their mental health journey, offering meaningful conversations and tailored guidance through live chat, video calls, and self-assessments. It’s a seamless blend of technology and the human touch, ensuring that they receive the care they deserve in a friendly and approachable manner.


Privacy and personalisation

We understand the importance of privacy in your employees’ mental health journey. Leora’s digital-first approach ensures that their experience is secure, confidential, and personalised to their unique needs. Our platform respects their individuality, offering support that’s meaningful and respectful of their privacy.

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