Mindfulness May and your business

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Businesses are embracing modern and innovative ways to support their employee’s mental health, a sign they’re moving with the times and providing more holistic support for their teams.

Enabling employee-directed wellbeing is a great way business can encourage individuals to adopt and sustain healthy, long-term habits. One of these habits is mindfulness, a powerful practice that individuals can use to settle into the present moment and detach from thoughts and feelings that are causing stress or worry.  

Why should businesses encourage mindfulness? 

By incorporating mindfulness into workplace culture, businesses can create a happier, healthier workforce.  

  • Did you know that less than 50% of employees reported high levels of wellbeing last year? (According to Gallaghers Workforce Trends Report 2023
  • Mental illness is now the leading cause of absenteeism, productivity loss and long-term work incapacity, costing the Australian economy billions. 
  • Mindfulness helps us to be present, paying full attention to the moment, rather than becoming caught in worry. It’s a great way to combat stress and feelings of overwhelm.  
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Now we’re well into the year, temperatures are dropping and Q1 is done and dusted, May is a good time to turn our attention inward and assess our mental health. Acknowledging milestones in the year can be an effective way of keeping ourselves on track and working towards our goals.

Here’s some ways Australian businesses can use May as a milestone to encourage mindfulness and promote workplace mental health.  

Provide resources and support

Everyone’s journey with mindfulness looks different. We love self-directed learning as a way to support and sustain long-term mental health maintenance. Provide your team with educational and thought-provoking resources and show them the way toward self-discovery. Users of Leora have access to an extensive library of guided meditations, informative podcasts, guided movements and calming soundtracks, to explore and use at their own direction.  

Host a Mindfulness May challenge

As humans, we often leave caring for our mental health until it reaches crisis stage. In our commitment to encouraging proactive, self-directed mental health management, Leora has launched a Mindfulness May challenge.

Mindfulness May encourages users to practice mindfulness for just ten minutes per day, every day throughout May. We provide guided meditations, breathing exercises and mindfulness resources to guide employees through the month. This is a fun way to encourage mindfulness, practice self-discipline and adopt positive long-term self-care habits.  

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Host a workshop or webinar

Hosting an in-person workshop or webinar for your team is an interactive way to learn about the benefits of mindfulness and practice techniques. At Leora, we offer in-person workshops to educate and inform teams on how they can look after their mental health, all year round. May is a great time to check in with the team and host a fun group activity, such as breathwork, yoga, Pilates, tapping or guided meditation.  

Schedule mindful breaks and practices

Block out time in the calendar and watch how you make the time to practice mindfulness. Productivity expert, Ali Abdaal, says, “the calendar acts as a gatekeeper for my time”. Treat your allocated time to personal wellbeing like you would a meeting with your boss. Encourage employees to schedule breaks in the calendar to recharge and reset. These can be ten-minute blocks of time; bite-sized mindfulness practices, such as breathing exercises and mini-meditations, are a great way to reset and take stock of your headspace.  

Is your business ready for Mindfulness May? It’s not too late to join our challenge!

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