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Live chat with a Counsellor


Connect with counsellors in real-time

We understand that sometimes your employees need immediate support, and that’s where our live chat feature truly shines. We’ve made it easy for them to engage with our compassionate counsellors in real-time, providing them with the support they need, precisely when they need it.

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A safe haven for real conversations

Life can throw curveballs, and when it does, we want your employees to know that they’re not alone. With our live chat feature, they can open up and have honest, meaningful conversations with our skilled counsellors. This isn’t a cold, automated response – it’s a real person, here to listen, empathise, and help guide your employees through life’s challenges.

Leora app introduces text therapy via the Live Chat with a Counsellor feature

Privacy and convenience rolled into one

We understand that privacy is paramount when discussing sensitive issues. Our live chat feature is designed with people’s comfort in mind. Your employees can reach out from the comfort of their own space, ensuring that their privacy is respected while enjoying the convenience of support at their fingertips. We’re here to listen, talk, and support them in a judgement-free, friendly, and meaningful way.

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