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Empowering leadership

Managers and leaders play a crucial role in fostering resilience and ensuring the well-being of their teams. We understand that leaders often carry a heavy responsibility, and that they can benefit from a personalised, empathetic approach to guide them through challenges.
At Leora, we believe in helping organisations foster a collaborative and supportive workplace, and our Manager Referral program embodies this commitment. This unique service allows managers to refer employees for counselling, aiming to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and how best to support them within the organisation.


Understanding Employee Needs

Our Manager Referral service is designed to empower leaders to better comprehend an employee’s concerns and requirements within the workplace. It offers targeted counselling to address various issues, whether they pertain to work, personal matters, or behavioural concerns. Unlike confidential counselling available through the Employee Assistance Program, this referral process is a collaborative effort, ensuring that both the referring manager and the employee are actively involved.


Manager referral

Leora’s Manager Referral program comprises two distinct avenues:
Manager Referral Clinical Reviews: These reviews enable managers and leaders to gain insight into an employee’s mental health and well-being needs. The aim is to inform reasonable workplace adjustments and support mechanisms. Clinical reviews are invaluable in cases where an employee has experienced mental health-related absences or has recently been diagnosed with a mental health condition, guiding the organisation on the best ways to provide support.
Manager Referral for Counselling: This facet provides an opportunity for the manager, the employee, and an EAP Professional to work together to achieve mutually agreed-upon goals. It’s a collaborative approach that can address concerns ranging from recently diagnosed mental health conditions to personal matters impacting work, or problematic behavioural issues. Leora’s Manager Referral service ensures that employees receive the support they need to thrive within the organisation while promoting a workplace culture of care and understanding.

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